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If the players survive until the end of the mission and they will emerge as the winner.
Combat is handled with six-sided dice rolls and players will become more powerful during the course of the game.Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature includes three new latest microgaming casino bonuses dice for Zombie Dice and true to its name is two expansions in one e first "movie" on the billing is Big Summer Action Movie with two heroes: the Hunk and the Hottie.The more zombies you kill, the more skilled you get; the more skilled you get, the more zombies appear.The Hottie is a hot-pink die with two shotguns and three feet icons, making her fast AND e other offering is Santa Claus Meets the Zombies, with a cheery red- 68 kr 68 kr, steve Jackson Games Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature.Bestpricegeek83 kr I lager 83 kr Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature - Englisch English Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature - Englisch English Englisch, neu originalverpackt.So here it is: Zombie Dice 2 - Double Feature!39 kr I lager 39 kr Zombie Dice 2 Double Feature If you love zombies you love zombie movies and Zombie Dice!You want braaains more brains than any of your zombie buddies.In one delicious, brain-filled package!
Steve Jackson Games Zombie Dice Brain Case (Exp.).
You are a zombie.
The Hunk has a double-shotgun icon, but if you eat his brain, you score double.World of Board Games 85 kr, zombie Dice 2: Double Feature, zombie Dice 2: Double Feature.This is just a great game for zombie lovers!Zombies are predictable, stupid but deadly, controlled by simple rules and a deck of cards.The only way out is zombicide!A stylish, noisy dice cup with a screw-on lid ringed with 13 braaaaaaaiiiins.Get Zombie Dice and all its expansions - in one delicious, brain-filled package!Add the Hunk and Hottie dice to raise t Bestpricegeek225 kr I lager 225.