Google web fonts, google Translate API, google App engine.
Google Spell Up has been created in partnership with game designers and teachers to make it entertaining as well as educational at the same time.
This project was a true test of new technologies and how far we could push ourselves - we used Web Speech API, Text To Speech API, CSS3D, SVG, Web Audio, and App Engine.
The English language has been, over the years, developed from several different language families, and being a complete master in English spellings is extremely difficult.The game starts with spellings and moves on to different tasks of English language, like words scramble, guessing the mystery words, fill in the blanks and pronouncing games.Along the way, you earn coins to unlock power ups to add more levels to your tower, faster.Dictionary API, cSS3 and Canvas, vibration API, web Audio.Lovie, Games, Gold Award, visit site.Little did we know that we would be fortunate enough to take part in this journey a few years later.
Check out the video to know more about the interesting and interactive game Spell.
Web Speech Chrome Experiment, concept, UX Design, Design, Development 2014.You can test your spelling skills at m/spellup.But being a Google project the game works best.Chrome-Browser ohne zusätzliche Plug-ins youtube video slot car racing spielbar.Spell Up is a Chrome Experiment that can help you improve your English just by speaking to your Chrome browser.Spell Up ist kostenlos und direkt.Games, microphone Input, mobile, speech Recognition, webGL.The game has many levels and users have to build towers of words by telling the correct spelling.