spell slots short rest

A Paladin at least makes difference by adding spells.
Not really because only works with evocation spells and careful spell applies to any spell.
Even if they are somewhat similar, that's not a big problem, Paladin and Cleric are also incredibly similar in fluff.
It has nothing to do with their spell recovery mechanic being remotely good, and everything to do with a few specific tricks that they have, all of which require that they spend their sorcery points on metamagic, not on spell slots.They are awesome.1 point) Metamagic every short rest.Usually it's 1 single spell of the highest level slot or 2 spell slots.Sorcerer's are different from one another by their selection of spells.(This is probably too broad, but I'm just tossing out unrefined ideas here.) Reply With", 04:41 PM - Top - End - #18 Re: Sorcerer Short Rest Recovery Originally Posted by Segev I'll second something somebody suggested already: if you feel Sorcerers need something, let.Reply With", 05:33 AM - Top - End - #9 Re: Sorcerer Short Rest Recovery Originally Posted by SharkForce sorcerers are fine.
Reply With", 10:37 PM, top - End - #5 Re: Sorcerer Short Rest Recovery I would like las vegas casino biggest to clarify that wizards do not get half their level worth of total spell slots, limited by the maximum slots normally available.A 3rd level Sorc per day: a) Can burn all 1st level slots to get 8 extra sorc points.Because the sorcer's points can be used for metamagic.Reply With", 01:38 PM - Top - End - #16 Re: Sorcerer Short Rest Recovery I find that trading in sorcery points is underrated.A sorcerer who knows sleep, silent image, invisibility, and hold person feels different from one who know shield, magic missle, scorching ray, and fireball.