Said Im terrified hur man spelar poker but Im not leaving Know that I must pass this test.
Don't forget the feeling of a starved wolf.
So many won't get the chance to say goodbye.Jibun sutechatte ikiteru yatsura spielautomaten las vegas yori wa mashi.Saigo ni warau no wa dare da?Sou sa live OR DIE, ochiru toko made ochitara nani mo kowaku nai hazu HA!There's nothing to fear until you fail HA!Atsui yatsu hodo baka wo miru iyana jidai.I know that I must pass this test.Take the gun and count to three.Said Im terrified but Im not leaving.Watch Rihanna Perform Loyalty, Lemon Wild Thoughts at TDEs Christmas Show Toy Drive!
Rihanna with Russian Roulette The first single by Rihanna in 2009.
Russian Roulette Stake your fate on a contest of chance That's ve or Die!
Rihanna, rihannas Cousin Killed In Barbados, Singer Urges Gun Violence End!(No) You can see it through my chest.Stay true to yourself and even if you're defeated, that's more than enough Better than those who forsake themselves and live.Me wo samase.Tied down Do you want to live like a bird in a cage?Ganjigarame, kago no naka no tori mitai ni ikiteku tsumori kai?Sound of taking a breath sound of pulling the trigger.If you're going to see dreams, see them with your soul Let those who laugh at you laugh Serious people are ridiculed in these bad times That's why they can't be imitated Flash them a smile And scatter them wildly.Russian Roulette lyrics, take a Breathe, take a deal.Chorus And you can see my heart beating.