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No Budweiser stickers on Handles.Very rare and highly collectible.Mappy - kino online 2014 Dedicated live roulette online uk upright/cocktail game 300-450.J Jack and the Giant Killer - Upright Dedicated game 500-800 (w/sideart).Two Tigers - Midway / Dedicated game.Email me at disclaimer ALL prices ARE based ON games that work 100 THE price guide does NOT include fully restored machines.(seen them go for much more sometimes) Pac Man Plus - Pacman Conversion planet 7 casino bonuses 300-400.Fits dedicated Mortal Kombat style Midway cabinets.
Surf Planet - Conversion upright 200-300.
Board is worth more than the game!Dedicated upright game 1000.Cocktail is about 350-500.Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.Cocktail goes for the same.Super Hang-On - Dedicated upright game 350-500.Armor Attack - Upright Cocktail dedicated machine 300-500.Street Fighter II (any) - Upright game 250-350 (more if 25" monitor).Anti-Aircraft - Dedicated Upright.Clay Pigeon - Upright dedicated/conversion game 500-750.