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In nearly all cases your under 21 friends and family will NOT be permitted in nightclubs or bars unless they are specifically indicated as "Under 21" clubs, where NO alcohol is served, or in some cases during a pre-arranged private party.Can I get into Clubs and Lounges if I am under drinking age?The town of North Las Vegas, Henderson and other outlying areas have very different regulations forbidding removal of alcohol from bars, etc.In which case it is generally considered recycling or a souvenir - YOU figure it out.When inside a casino or hotel there is seldom any restrictions on carrying drinks from one bar, restaurant or playing location to another with the exception of some showrooms and theaters where it will be clearly posted.Driving with any tested Blood Alcohol Content.08 or above (which is conceivably as little as 2-3 average drinks, pints or shots - Far lower limits apply if you're under 21) or evidence of any of a long list of controlled substances without a prescription.Police officers can, and frequently do, stop and penalize suspected curfew evaders.Also check out our Las Vegas News for tourists section which exposes breaking Vegas celebrity news and reviews current shows!Keep in mind however that Nevada is considered a 'community property' state.However, they ARE allowed in non-gaming areas such as in restaurants, hotel rooms, swimming pools and retails shops with adult accompaniment and supervision.Most showrooms now offer reserved seating where tipping is not necessary, although it is in good taste to give the usher a tip if your tickets zombie spelletjes spel nl are complimentary.
The law is the law.
Taxis Limos: 15-20 depending on how helpful they are and how they handle your luggage.
It does NOT matter if you have only days left to live and will likely never make it to your 21st birthday.Yes, some may appear to be overly detailed, but this is due to the myriad of actual detailed questions we have received over the years.You can visit this link for things to do with children in Las Vegas.Don't try to switch places with an older friend as it is also routine to check the overhead camera recordings on most jackpots to see who was actually playing the machine when it hit.We also have the Las Vegas Strip Trolley which travels from Downtown to the Strip and back.Can a 17 year old be out after curfew with an 18 year old friend?NO, if you are under 21, you may NOT drink alcohol at casino production shows and concerts even when drinks are included in the price of the show ticket and persons under 21 are admitted.For a free Laughlin Visitors Information package, call their toll free number: and follow the touch-tone menu.To 5:00.m., Friday, Saturday, school holidays and from Memorial Day to Labor Day.What's the weather like in Las Vegas?