Since we've progressed far enough in the best live roulette system NCR questline, all Legion-related quests will fail and you'll be back to online casino bonus 888 your infamous status.
Later once you clear out the deathclaws from the Quarry Junction, you can report your success to him for another small reward.
To discredit Karl, speak to him in the longhouse and pass a Speech 25, 50 and 75 check chain to reveal his true colors.Crashed Vertiberd: Tesla-Beaton Prototype energy weapon can be found here.Chapter 11: facing THE past WLK11 1) Fast travel to Camp Golf for some more exploration.Grab the unique Golden Gloves from the raised area to the west, then go up to the penthouse and chat to Jane; she will purchase your snowglobes for 2000 caps each.Take the items from the bodies in the back and then head back northwest until you find Morning Star Cavern, where more nightstalkers lurk.(You will not fade to black, but be knocked unconscious via fatigue effect.Every time you give them something, you will gain more fame.Legion Raid Plans in a Filing Cabinet in the HQ lower floor.You will also complete The White Wash here.That option will never disappear.
You'll be transported to meet with General Oliver and the quest eureka!To the northwest of the switching station is a valve you can fix with Repair 25 to redirect some toxic gas.10) You can destroy the generator within with Melee Weapons.Now find a path leading down to a large cavern where you'll find Keely.In conversation with Ulysses, use your faction standing to get him to listen then pass a Speech 90 check to get him to side with you.Leave the room immediately, and walk to the far right stairway.11) Head back to Jack at the Nellis Hangars and wait around for Janet to arrive, then speak to Jack after their conversation to finish the quest.You will encounter Mirelurks while trying to obtain this book.This setting lets you turn this feature on or off.While you're here, Pretty Sarah at the Casa Madrid Apartments will give you a small reward for killing Cook-Cook as well, assuming you've heard her story from Marco.