Collector price Root Beer Tapper - Dedicated upright (more rare than Budweiser Tapper) 800-1200.
Stargate - Dedicated upright/cocktail game 300-500.
Cocktail/cabaret versions around 500-700.Thunder Cross 2 - conversion upright game.Can be set for mega casino sign up bonus code free play OR coins.Amidar - Upright in the dedicated Stern no deposit casino bonus codes cirrus casino cab Collector / ebay price.Craigslist/ebay Tekken Tag Tournament - Conversion Game 350-450.Jump bug - Dedicated upright game 500-750.Gravitar - Dedicated upright game.Rampage - Original dedicated game 350-650.Star Castle - Dedicated upright game 500-750.Reactor - Dedicated Upright Game.
Swimmer - Dedicated upright game 350-650.
Gyruss - Dedicated upright game 400-650.
For what to put in that cab if you are converting it to anything, if you are into the classics, which I hope you are, those are always a good call.Taito rotatary games up in value!Astro Invader - Upright dedicated game Collector price.Blasted (Bally) - Dedicated Upright.Craigslist / collector price.